About Marianne Jordhén

My name is Marianne Jordhén and I am Swedish. I am a creative musician, actress, model, photographer and film maker. I am active at social media. Also, I have a Bachelor Degree in History from the University in Stockholm.

Here you can see some examples of what I can create:


This is one of my best piano compositions so far:


My own music composition together with a love letter in Swedish:





In my role as Vera Blom. Some swedes means I act like the Swedish actress Monica Zetterlund.



Here I am acting Maria, 16 years old.
In my role as Maria, 50 years old.


I can play man. Here as Monsieur Luc.

In my role as Father Ernst.

info@mariannejordhen.se,  eller mobile +46 76872996.


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